First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Fifth Semester

CSC-364: Software Engineering

CSC-365: Compiler Design and Construction

CSC-366: E-Governance

CSC-367: NET Centric Computing

CSC-368: Technical Writing

Elective II

List of Electives:

    1. Appied Logic (CSC-369)
    2. E-Commerce (CSC-370)
    3. Automation and Robotics (CSC-371)
    4. Neutral Networks (CSC-372)
    5. Computer Hardware Design (CSC-373)
    6. Cognitive Science (CSC-374)

Seventh Semester

CSC-409: Advanced Java Programming

CSC-410: Database Administrator

MGT-411: Principles of Management

CSC-412: Project Work

Elective III

List of Electives:

    1. Information Retrival (CSC-413)
    2. Database Administrator (CSC-414)
    3. Software Project Management (CSC-415)
    4. Network Security (CSC-416)
    5. Digital System Design (CSC-417)
    6. International Marketing (MGT-418)

Eight Semester

CSC-461: Advance Database

CSC-46: Internship

Elective IV

Elective V

List of Electives:

  1. Advanced Networking with IPV6 (CSC-463)
  2. Distribution Networking (CSC-464)
  3. Game Techonology (CSC-465)
  4. Distributed and Object Oriented Database (CSC-466)
  5. Introduction to Cloud Computing (CSC-467)
  6. Geographical Information System (CSC-468)
  7. Decision Support System and Expert System ( CSC-469)
  8. Mobile Application Development (CSC-470)
  9. Real Time System (CSC-471)
  10. Network and System Administrator (CSC-472)
  11. Embedded System Programming (CSC-473)
  12. International Business Management (CSC-474)