Here you can check the course of Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) are given below:

First Semester

CACS 101: Computer Fundamental and Application

CACS 102: Society and Technology

CACS 103: English I

CACS 104: Mathematics I

CACS 105: Digital Logic

Second Semester

CACS 151: C programming

CACS 152: Fundamental Accounting

CACS 153: English II

CACS 154: Mathematics II

CACS 155: Microprocessor and Computer Architecture

Third Semester

CACS 201: Data Structure and Algorithm

CACS 202: Probability and Statistics

CACS 203: System Analysis and Design

CACS 204: OOP in Java

CACS 205: Web Technology

Fourth Semester

CACS 251: Operating System

CACS 252: Numerical Methods

CACS 253: Software Engineering

CACS 254: Scripting Language

CACS 255: Database Management System

CAPJ 256:Project I

Fifth Semester

CACS 301: MIS and e-Business

CACS 302: DotNet Techonology

CACS 303: Computer Networking

CACS  304: Introduction to Management

CACS 305: Computer Graphics and Animation

Sixth Semester

CACS 351: Mobile Programming

CACS 3525: Distributed System

CACS 353: Applied Economics

CACS 354: Advanced Java Programming

CACS 355: Network Programming

CAPJ 356: Project II

Seventh Semester

CACS 401: Cyber Law and Professional Ethics

CACS 402: Cloud Computing

CAIN 403: Internships

N/A: Elective I

N/A: Elective II

Eight Semester

CAOR 451: Operating Research

CAPJ 452: Project III

N/A: Elective III

N/A: Elective IV